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Celebrating 2 years!

What is Max.Color.Ink?

By definition: it is a tattoo studio. But this is not where our aspirations and responsibilities end as artists. Max.Color.Ink is a home to rare artistic talents with open minds very perceptive to the ideas communicated to them by you.


experience at Max.Color.Ink is a connection between what you feel or think and art, delivered to you with love and care.

This May we turned 2 years! And we would like to celebrate it with a very humble "Thank you" to our customers, whom we consider our extended family members. These 2 years have been wonderful with the new team members joining: Kevin, Trina, Denis, Mark, Kirsty; as well as with Marina and JD - the oldies.

Several years ago there was a vision of a tattoo place, where skills, heart, mind and knowledge are in graceful service to the customers, a place where artists share, improve and grow. We are on the right path.

And soon we'll have more exciting news to share!

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