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Tattoo removal

Remove your unwanted tattoos with our safe laser treatment


Laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal is accomplished by the use of specialized lasers that deliver extremely short pulses of high-intensity laser light into the treated area. The tattoo ink particles absorb the laser energy, which causes the particles to break apart. The tattoo ink is shattered into smaller fragments that are then safely removed by the body’s natural elimination system. Laser Tattoo Removal is a safe and effective method to fade and get rid of unwanted tattoos.

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  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    After you submit a request form we'll be able to give an estimate quote. But a more exact budget you will discuss with your artist. There are lots of factors that go into pricing: artist rate, style of the tattoo, how much detail, size, placement, personal tolerance.
  • Which placement hurts the most?
    We have created this illustration based of the feedback from our customers. But please remember each of us can experience pain differently. The answer can vary from client to client.
  • Do you do cover-ups of fix-ups of other artists' works?
    Yes! We do. We welcome you to submit a request for the artist of your choice and we'll set up a consultation to discuss your options.
  • How old do I need to be to get a tattoo or piercing?
    In order to get a tattoo you need to be at least 16 years old, have a parental consent signed and one of the parents present. With a piercing there is a variety of rules, depending on the type of piercing: ear lobes - 10+ (with parental consent), lips,nose,facial,naval - 16+ (with parental consent), body piercing, dermals -18+.
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Sheri Wilton

She is: friendly, caring and very thorough. 

Has 24 years of experience, recently moved to Edmonton from Red Deer area.


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